What to do

Mont Orford

What : Free hiking in a ski mountain

Distance (from the hostel) : 8 km

Website : www.orford.com

SÉPAQ - Mont Orford

What : A national park offering many outdoor activities

Distance (from the hostel) : 8 km

Website : www.sepaq.com


Olw's Head

What : Ski area located in Mansonville

Distance (from the hostel) : 34 km

Website : www.owlshead.com

La Route Verte

What : Cycling trails

Distance  (from the hostel) : 200 meters

Website : www.routeverte.com

* We have a storage space for bicycles

Citrouilles & Tournesols

What : Agritourism farm offering a nice view of mount Orford

Distance (from the hostel) : 8 km

Site Internet : www.citrouillesettournesols.com

 Voile Memphrémagog

What : Sailing club offering classes, rides and boat rental

Distance (from the hostel) : 2,5 km

Website : http://www.voilememphremagog.com


Mont Bellevue

What : Destination for mountain biking and walks in the forest

Distance (from the hostel) : 35 km


Vie de plein air

What : Rental of sports equipement year round, nautical and earthly

Distance (from the hostel) : 2 km

Website: www.viedepleinair.com


Vieux Clocher de Magog

What : Room show

Distance (from the hostel) : 100 meters

Website: www.vieuxclocher.com

Foresta Lumina

What : A night illuminated pathway

Distance (from the hostel) : 40 km

Website : www.forestalumina.com

Memphremagog Lake

What : Paths and public beaches along the lake Memphremagog

Distance (from the hostel) : 500 meters

Website : www.ville.magog.qc.ca

Main Street

What : A very nice street where you can find restaurants, coffees and shops 

Distance (from the hostel) : 200 meters

Website : www.ville.magog.qc.ca

Memphremagog Library

What : Public library

Distance (from the hostel) : 2 km

Website : www.ville.magog.qc.ca


What : Indoor fun center for children

Distance (from the hostel) : 1 km

Website : www.tikito.ca

Musée International d'Art Naïf de Magog

What: Museum

Distance (from the hostel) : 100 meters

Website : www.artnaifmagog.com

Cinema Magog

What : A cinema with threee projection rooms

Distance (from the hostel) : 1 km

Website : www.cinemamagog.com

Spa Bolton

What : Spa located along the Missisquoi river

Distance (from the hostel) : 27 km

Website : www.spabolton.com

Spa Nordic Station

What : Spa Nordic Station located on an enchanted site 

Distance (from the hostel) : 5 km

Website : www.spanordicstation.com