Coffee shop Les Estries

About us

The coffee shop is

The coffee has been designed and fitted to this image. It is warm, authentic and unpretentious. It is open to all. Even children are happy with our homemade kiddoccino recipe. Café Les Estries is open all year round. In summer, discover its beautiful outdoor terrace and its beautifully decorated balconies.located in the hostel. Le Café est un espace de vie situé à même l'auberge.

Les Estries, it's a lifestyle inspired by our lakes and our mountains.

The coffee shop has been designed with this vibe in mind. It is a lovely, cozy and authentic place. It is open to all and all year round. In summer, discover the outdoor terrace and the balconies.


Our coffee

  • Latte, cappucino, americano, machiato, espresso, moka and regular coffee

Without cafeine

  • Hot chocolate, (the best), chaï latte, london fog, tea, kiddoccino and limonade (in summer time)


  • Latte on ice (regular, vanilla or moka)
  • Chaï latte on ice
  • Smoothie (green or red)

Our bagels

  • L'Estrien : peanut butter, banana & cacao
  • L'Abbaye  : cream cheese, apple & cinnamon
  • Le 112 : cream, egg, avocado & sriracha (our favorite!!)
  • L'Alfred DesRochers : hummus, spinach & cucumber

Did you know ?

  • We use local maple syrup for our chai latte
  • The bagels came from the Fabrique Cafe Noir of Magog
  • Our coffee beans are roasted by Fitch Bay Cafe


  • Open from 7AM to 10PM
  • 111 Merry N. Street, Magog, QC, Canada
  • 819-843-1544