Outdoor adventure

Disover why the Eastern Township is a paradise for the outdoor lover. 


Sailing Memphremagog

Arbre aventure Haut-Bois Normand

Vie de plein air

Orford National park 

Marais de la rivière aux Cerises (wetland) 

Bleu Lavande

Foresta Lumina


Cruisin Memphremagog


You can bike everwhere around the area. Just be ready for the hill ;)

Lake Memphremagog (Swimming)

You can swim in 3 differents beaches. It is at a walk distance from our hostel :)

Mountain bike

You can mountain bike at the mont Bellevue and at the Gorges de la Coaticook. Nice trails for all levels. They are both at only 20 minutes from the hostel. 

Domaine Brassicole